demobilizes, demobilizing, demobilized
(in BRIT, also use demobilise)
1) V-ERG If a country or armed force demobilizes its troops, or if its troops demobilize, its troops are released from service and allowed to go home.

[V n] Dos Santos has demanded that UNITA sign a cease-fire and demobilize its troops...

It is highly unlikely that the rebels will agree to give up their weapons and demobilise.

Derived words:
demobilization [[t]di͟ːmo͟ʊbɪlaɪze͟ɪʃ(ə)n[/t]] N-UNCOUNT usu with supp

The government had previously been opposed to the demobilisation of its 100,000 strong army.

2) VERB: usu passive If someone has been demobilized, they have completed their service in the armed forces of their country. [AM]

[be V-ed] I spent one year in the service and did not come back to the United States until after I was demobilized.

English dictionary. 2008.

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